brief CV

Here are some of the places I’ve done science. View my full CV here.

Massachusetts Institute of Technology (2020 - Present)

PhD candidate in the Shoulders lab. I’m currently applying novel directed evolution technologies to improve plant enzymes.

Massachusetts General Hospital (2018-2020)

Research technician in the Chao Lab, for the Department of Molecular Biology.

I used single particle cryo-electron microscopy to study mitochondrial proteins and helped to get in situ cryo-electron tomography up and running between MIT and MGH. I also developed a fermentation system in Pichia pastoris that the lab uses to express poorly-behaved membrane proteins. We used that system to study isoforms of membrane fusogen OPA1.

Wesleyan University (2014-2018)

B.A., High Honors in Molecular Biology and Biochemistry

I completed my senior thesis in the Mukerji Lab. I studied the biophysical characteristics of DNA secondary structures using spectroscopic techniques, and found an unexpected point of thermodynamic stability in the center of the DNA Four-Way Junction.